Play Therapy sessions

Is your child struggling?

Play Therapy at the Happy Play Den is for children aged 3 to 12 years, experiencing mild to severe emotional, social or behavioural difficulties.

Roisin Irwin

I am a qualified Play Therapist and Early Childhood Educator.
I have over 200 clinically supervised hours of experience working with children in therapy. I offer individual sessions and group sessions and I am able to help children who are experiencing a wide range of difficulties.

Based in Century City and Durbanville, Cape Town.
My Play Therapy practice has rooms based at Curro Castle Century City and Curro Castle Durbanville in Cape Town. The playroom contains carefully selected equipment in order to provide your child with a safe therapeutic space.

Play Therapy

Roisin uses play therapy to assist children between the ages of 4 – 12. The Play Therapy process starts with an intake interview with the child’s parent(s), to gain further insight and obtain background information regarding the child’s potential struggles as well as developmental history, medical history, schooling and family life. There after sessions are setup for play therapy and feedback is given to the child’s parent(s) after every approximately 3 to 4 sessions.

Play Therapy information

  • Individual sessions: 40 minutes
  • Group sessions: 60 minutes
  • Session times: Afternoons only
  • Days available: Monday to Friday
  • Session frequency: Once a week

Suggested no. of sessions

  • Mild cases: 6 to 12 sessions
  • Severe cases: 12 to 24 sessions


  • Initial intake meeting: 45 minutes
  • Teacher meetings: 30 minutes
  • Follow up meetings: 30-45 minutes
  • Closure meeting: 30 minutes

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sand tray


Using the sand tray, children are given the opportunity to delve into their inner world.

creative arts


Paint, drawing materials and glue, amongst others are always available to children in the playroom. These materials allow the child to express themselves and dive into their unconscious processes.

theraputic storytelling


This medium allows for the therapist to use metaphors and symbols to access the child's unconscious processes.

music and movement

Music and

These mediums naturally tap into the child's unconscious mind and allows for trauma to be released.

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