Supervision is very special. It is a confidential space where therapists go to feel supported, to learn, and to ultimately ensure that they become more effective in the work they do.

The supervision space provides an educational function, where the supervisee has an opportunity to reflect on their work and their own process. The supervisor can relate theory into practice and can help the supervisee to grow in knowledge and skills.

Supervision is also supportive. The supervisee can feel valued, understood and accepted while they are working through struggles or triumphs faced as a therapist. Supervision is a safe space where constructive positive and critical feedback is given so that the supervisee can grow.

Lastly, supervision has a managerial aspect, especially for Play Therapy trainees. The supervisor is there to help the supervisee manage the paperwork and responsibilities that go with the work being done.

Roisin is currently training to be a Clinical Supervisor and is available for both in-person and online supervision.